Aquacomb water management systems from TEXO have been serving the needs of thousands of homes across Australia for over 10 years, collecting and storing rainwater without messy and expensive excavations.

TEXO R&D has now taken the Aquacomb OSD system to the next level with the introduction of a unique High Early Discharge feature that not only complies with stringent stormwater requirements but also does it at a lower cost and with no excavation.

The enhanced Aquacomb OSD system is now available for building developments that require an onsite stormwater detention solution in almost any situation.

TEXO’s Aquacomb OSD system avoids the need for excavation, otherwise required for traditional pits and in-ground tanks. The storage tanks are located inside the concrete slab and the high early discharge device is positioned in a separate, easily accessible location, simplifying the OSD installation, which can be completed in a matter of hours.

The Aquacomb OSD’s basic concept of storing collected rainwater inside concrete slabs has been accepted and approved throughout Australia and is fast becoming the first choice for space limited developments.