Road authorities, councils and civil contractors are relying on fibre reinforced concrete to speed up work, reduce costs and maintain quality in road construction projects.

With Sydney’s outer west on a rapid growth path, civil contractors such as TRN Group need newer and more efficient methods of road construction. Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) involves the premixing of fibre reinforcement with concrete at the production stage to dramatically reduce onsite setup time, allowing work to progress at a faster rate without affecting site safety or job quality.

A slip former machine is positioned so that a premix concrete truck can deliver the FRC into a receiving hopper, which then feeds it into the former or shaper. The slip-forming process forces the FRC through a shaped former directly into position without the need to finish, float or spread the concrete manually. It not only simplifies work on site but also ensures greater safety and consistency of finish.

ReoCo fibre reinforced concrete, available from TEXO can be used in diverse applications including kerbs and gutters, laybacks, cycleways and footpaths among many more concrete infrastructure projects.