Designing a club or a restaurant is all about creating new experiences. A key objective for the designer as well as the business owner is for the customer to not feel jaded with the same experiences throughout the year. One way to achieve this is by taking advantage of the magnificent Australian climate and providing your patrons with a seasonal experience – one that changes every season.

So how do you design a space that takes advantage of every season? What do you need to consider when designing a multiple-season club?

For instance, if the space is too open to the environment, weather extremes from storms to snow can spoil the experience, resulting in a huge wastage of expensive real estate.

If the place has a lot of shade, patrons cannot enjoy a glorious spring or autumn day, and won’t stay for long.

Excessive brightness and heat on a hot summer’s day will make it hard for patrons to remain seated for any real length of time. They are likely to look for a cooler environment indoors, or worse, take their business elsewhere.

How would you create a multiple season experience?

Depending on your budget, there are several design options that can help you control your environment. For instance, bi-fold doors are ideal for closing off or opening a space to the outdoors. Then there are cheaper alternatives to the bi-folds such as PVC or sunscreen cafe blinds that can also open up the walls to the outdoors. While shade sails and awnings can keep the sun out, they can get drippy in the rains, dampening the mood and the patrons.

However, if you are looking to change the vibe of your space as you go from indoors to outdoors and back again, one of the best ways of doing that is by ‘changing the roof’.

A fully retractable fabric roof can be completely opened and is perfect for a sunny spring/ autumn day. It can be stopped in any position to provide an outdoor experience while giving patrons protection from the harsh sun. You can also leave it closed on miserable wet days, keeping the indoor area dry and watertight for patrons.

Alternatively, you can also combine bi-folds and retractable fabric roofs to further maximise the guest experience.

Contact Tecnic for more information on how to integrate their retractable fabric roofs into your club design.