With commercial space prices going through the roof, it’s important for developers, architects and designers to maximise the use of available space to justify the investment. Creating adaptable spaces is one way to achieve this; for instance, an outdoor space in a commercial environment should be designed so that it can be used as an alfresco space on sunny days and as a comfortable covered space on rainy days.

Here are three things to consider when you’re aiming to achieve a spectacular commercial outdoor space:


Your venue should be flexible as well as robust enough to withstand the constant change and use every day. Consider a fully retractable open and close roof instead of a fixed roof for a truly adaptable space and add a glass wall to allow the outdoors inside. Open or close the roof over the outdoor space based on the weather.

Orientation and solar amenity

Maximising the entry of natural light into your outdoor area will help you achieve a bright, cheerful and usable space.

Solar safety

While the entry of sunlight in your outdoor space is a good thing, it’s also important to consider the negative aspects of sunlight exposure on the human skin. Australia ranks second in the world for melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. A great commercial outdoor space design can be achieved by letting the light in and blocking harmful UV rays during the day.

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