Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems  specialises in concrete masonry structures that offer the aesthetic attraction of real stone at affordable prices.  

Natural stone always makes for a classic, stylish surface but it is expensive, bulky, difficult to customise and prone to damp, algae as well as mould.  

Tech-Dry concrete masonry utilises an innovative pre-sealing technology during manufacture, a process which results in many material benefits for the specifier, builder, contractor and end-user.  

The finished stone-like concrete masonry surface displays long-term resistance to efflorescence and microbial growth.  

The pre-sealing technology eliminates the threat of rising damp at the base of the wall and also prevents erosion damage caused by the corrosive effect of environmental salts.  

Because the structure remains dry, there are huge savings to be made when using Tech-Dry Tech-Dry concrete masonry:

  • The energy usually consumed in keeping the structure dry is practically eliminated
  • There is also a huge reduction in maintenance costs such as periodic repainting and resurfacing

With Tech-Dry concrete masonry, the building can have a colour-fast, stone-like appearance without all the expense and hassle of real stone.  

Tech-Dry concrete masonry meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and AS 3700 Masonry Code. Details of Tech-Dry’s compliance to these codes can be found in the CSIRO test report (ABSAC) of Tech-Dry Waterproof Block Wall System according to ASTM E514-90 ‘standard test methods for water penetration and leakage through masonry’.  

Tech-Dry masonry incorporating pre-sealing technology is available from leading concrete masonry manufacturers Australia-wide.