A new formulation which incorporates a water repellent admixture in the construction process is set to revolutionise rammed earth building technology, says Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems .

This thousand year old construction technique has been transformed for the modern era with the addition of this admixture, an environmentally friendly formulation that assists in protecting against climatic deterioration.

Previously, rammed earth walls needed to be surface sealed post-construction to protect against weather, a messy and expensive procedure.

By incorporating the water repellent admixture developed by Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems during construction, builders can ensure that the entire rammed earth structure will be water repellent for the life of the wall.

This technology was recently utilised in the construction of the landmark structure of TarraWarra Museum of Art, Melbourne, designed by the Melbourne architect, Allan Powell.

This structure was designed as an earth sculpture rising from the natural landscape. Tech-Dry's admixture technology has helped to ensure the durability and longevity of the walls of the structure, while retaining their natural appearance.