Tass Timber provide the finest quality timber products to Australians including plywood, marine ply, container flooring, door skins and flooring. Mindanao Gum timber flooring is designed for long lasting use under heavy volumes of foot traffic in both residential and commercial applications.

Mindanao Gum is also known as Rainbow Gum as it has striking coloured bark with a straight texture and a thick, uniform grain. The colours range from ginger to pinks, reds and blondes, and when used in flooring, has an overall contemporary look.

Three types of timber flooring can be manufactured from Mindanao Gum: solid wood floor, engineered floor and floating floor. Solid wood floor can be custom manufactured to lengths and thicknesses suiting individual project specifications, while engineered and floating floor are available in lengths of 1830, 2135 and 2440 millimetres. Plank thicknesses range from 15 to 19 millimetres.

Tass Timber pride themselves on providing customers with high quality, durable and long lasting timber floor board, incorporating sustainable practices, innovative designs and manufacturing techniques, and environmentally friendly standards. All raw timber is sourced from certified plantation, trees are replanted, and biodegradable packaging is used.