Tass Timber have released versatile pine plywood boards which are ideal for residential and commercial applications. The boards are available in 2400 by 1200 lengths, and 6, 12, 15 and 18 millimetre thicknesses. Tass Timber can custom manufacture the boards to suit individual project specifications.

Pine plywood boards have a C or D grade and a fine finish which requires little maintenance and preparation before painting and staining. It is ideal for sub-floor preparation as it holds its shape well and has excellent nail grip. The boards give outstanding results when gluing or hidden nail installations.

Tass Timber have over 25 years industry experience and produce a wide range of different timber products including plywood, marine ply, container flooring, door skins, battens, decking and engineered floors. Pine plywood boards can be used for a number of these products but also light furniture manufacture, wall and ceiling panels.

All raw timber used comes from certified plantations, and for each tree that is cut down, another is planted to replace it. Tass Timber also have a 90% paperless administration system, use biodegradable packaging, and maximum yield manufacturing techniques so there is no wastage.