Sydney Sandstone  offer a wide range of sandstone products, which include the following:

Sandstone capping
Sydney Sandstone offer sandstone capping, which can be used for capping walls and steps. The sawn sandstone capping is used to dress the top of finished retaining walls and steps. The sandstone capping can have square edges or bull-nose edging for a more decorative effect.

Flag stone - Sandstone Paving
Sydney Sandstone sell high quality flagstone, roughly square or rectangular in shape and approximately 60mm thick.

The flag stone is commonly used for paving open areas or footpaths. It can also be used for small, non-load baring walls.

Dimension sandstone blocks
Dimension Sandstone is used for retaining walls, building surrounds and piers. It is formal in appearance.

Flag stone - Crazy paving
Crazy paving is also flag stone. Pieces are available in various shapes and sizes often square, rectangular, triangular or octagonal. Although slightly more time consuming to lay-down, some people prefer the more random aesthetic of Crazy Pave.

Feature rocks and boulders
Large sandstone boulders are often used as ideal garden features or to surround water features. They can be left as 'ripped sandstone' with rough natural edges, or worked on-site to dull and smoothed over to give a more rounded finish.

Large sandstone slabs and blocks
The large sandstone slabs and blocks are often used for large or ideal retaining walls, the construction of seawalls and by sculptors. An experienced stone mason may also prefer to order large slabs so they may cut their own flag stone or random ballast.

The bush rock is in a natural semi-eroded state and random in size. The bushrock is suitable for native gardens and rockeries. The Bushrock is also often used to surround natural looking water features.

Serpentine rock
The Serpentine rock can be used for decorative rockeries and salt-water surrounds. The Serpentine Rock is not sandstone.

The Serpentine rock is a sensible choice for surrounding salt-water pools & water features when wanting a natural look. Salt water will not erode or deteriorate Serpentine rock.