Large sandstone blocks: Select Square Ballast
The Select square ballast sandstones, available from Sydney Sandstone , are large blocks of split sandstone that are roughly square or rectangular in shape.

The Select square ballast sandstone is commonly used for load bearing walls, high walls or when a decorative but solid element is needed such as post support or pier.

The large pieces can be manoeuvred by a single person, but are well handled by two people.

Small sandstone blocks: Handyman Rock
Sydney Sandstone also produce Handyman Sandstone Blocks. It can be easily handled by one person and is more consistent in size.

The Handyman sandstone blocks comes approximately 4/5sqm to the pallet, each block is approximately 350/400mm long, by 150mm thick, by 150mm wide. These blocks are so easy for a first-timer to lay.

Construction Tip:
Each block can be squared-off and/or rock-faced with a hammer and bolster before being laid. This will give each stone and the entire wall better definition and show off the grain to greater effect.

Sandstone Tip:
By placing plastic behind a finished sandstone wall and a pipe rather than weep holes it will help to keep the sandstone dry, therefore slowing the aging process and keeping the sandstones natural colours on show for longer.