SUPAWOOD’s DRIFTWOOD rustic timber slatted panelling has been used as one of the elements to denote the contemporary branding distinctive to King Living retail showrooms.

The award winning furniture retail chain commissioned David Hicks to fashion a simple minimalistic interior style with a monochromatic palette which would highlight the quality merchandise on display.

To add texture, achieve dimension and to break up the expanse of the ceiling, the design incorporated a natural timber slatted ceiling upstand feature. DRIFTWOOD with its characteristic weathered appearance presented the ideal finish as envisaged by the designers.

The DRIFTWOOD rustic timber slats used are finished in a crisp matt white colour to complement the overall minimalism of the interior theme. The ceiling features are integrated with large round lighting wells, the slat ends trimmed to contour to the curved edges. Other utilities such as downlights have also been incorporated in the slatted ceiling.

DRIFTWOOD slats are hand etched which means every slat of timber attains an individual quality. Typically ideal for rustic themes, in these sophisticated retail interiors a modernistic simple statement has been successfully achieved. This shows the adaptability of this unique lining product.

King Living's commitment to handcrafted quality and design excellence is reflected in the choice of quality materials used throughout these fit-outs. Supawood DRIFTWOOD has complemented perfectly the client’s high standard of creating interior solutions for every lifestyle.