SUPAWOOD acoustic and decorative panels are used extensively throughout the interior of the gymnasium at Denison College, Bathurst High Campus in Bathurst NSW.

When choosing contractors and products for this building project, the Government Architect Office wanted to source all locally. Additionally, materials chosen were to be compliant with the Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG).

As a local manufacturer and recognised market leading supplier to multiple past educational projects, SUPAWOOD was the obvious choice for the panel products used throughout this building.

A mix of perforated and solid SUPACOUSTIC PLK Fixing highlighted with a black infill has been utilised. The perforated panels line key parts of the walls adjoining other rooms in the building to reduce noise reverberation from the gymnasium. By using the PLK Fixing system, a simple solution has been achieved to economically line such a large expanse of walls.

Because the gymnasium ceiling is double height, a finish of SUPAVENEER Hoop Pine CC natural timber veneer has been applied to the lower section of the walls to soften the space.  A natural satin finish has been applied for added durability. The use of timber here introduces warmth to the large space. These panels are Fire Group 2.

The remaining panels lining the upper half of the walls and full-height lightwells are in a SUPAFINISH laminate White, which helps reflect light in and around the interior. This is also an extremely durable finish, and these panels are Fire Group 1.

The EFSG is a suite of information promoting current best practices to aid in the planning, design and use of NSW Department of Education school facilities. SUPAWOOD are thrilled to find that the Denison College – Bathurst High Campus gymnasium has been featured on the EFSG webpage to illustrate and support this important resource.

For more information about the Educational Facilities Standard and Guidelines (EFSG), please visit the NSW DET website.

Photography: JadaArt