Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  has introduced fire retardant timber panels that meet the exacting requirements of BCA Fire Hazard Group 1 regulations. Now the entire Supawood range of decorative and acoustic wall and ceiling panels are available as fire retardant panelswith Supawood FR. Supawood FR comes in Supaline, Supacoustic and Supaslat product types, as well as all standard finishes – natural timber veneer, concept veneers and paint colours.  

Despite more stringent BCA fire hazard regulations, Supawood FR fire retardant panels still meet the requirements for any BCA Fire Hazard Group number (1, 2 or 3), for any area, within any class of building – including applications where conventional timber panelling could not previously be used. Supawood FR fire retardant panels can also be used in critical fire-isolated exits and public corridors.  

Supawood FR fire retardant panels make safety a priority, but still offer customers that distinctive decorative finish.