Supatile Slat is the latest addition to Supawood Architectural Lining System ’s popular Australian made Supatile family of products designed to fit into the traditional 2-way T-bar grid system. Like the other versatile Supatile products, Supatile slatted panels are designed in such a way that they adapt to most brands of ceiling grid. This makes these products suitable for transforming any area of a refurbishment or fit-out.  

Both highly decorative and sound absorbent for best acoustic insulation, Supatile Slat achieves an up market contemporary slatted timber look without the high expense of installation. Supatile Slat is quick to install and accommodates any shape or size of room and is ideal for floating ceiling areas while providing 100% unrestricted access to services in the ceiling cavity.  

Supatile Slat comes in 6 different configurations including a unique “Random” profile. Users can make multi directional effects by alternating the slatted panels. Additionally, they can reinstall the same panels in a different configuration to instantly change any space again if the old effect becomes old.

Supatile Slat is available in either Supawood’s luxury or low budget finishes, and is also available in fire resistant and green options.