Nettleton Tribe Architects and SUPAWOOD recently partnered on the new student accommodation building at James Cook University's Bebegu Yumba Townsville campus. The project's unique design aimed to capitalise on Townsville’s tropical setting and promote community interaction through the availability of various public spaces. 

The ground floor Bistro, neatly nestled between the Ideas Market, the Technology Innovation Complex (TIC), and the Indigenous Centre, is a vibrant and fun space, and showcases the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. SUPAWOOD SUPASLAT panels in Hoop Pine Limed Supafinish were chosen to adorn the ceiling and feature walls. These versatile panels are fully customised to suit any design requirements - no matter how small or grand. Customisations are not limited to the size of the panels. Architects can be creative with different finishes, sizes and even shapes. 


Beyond the Bistro, the design team at Nettleton Tribe also chose SUPAWOOD's Supacoustic panels in the popular Tas Oak finish for other strategic applications throughout the building such as in the central corridors and communal kitchen areas. These state-of-the-art panels will transform the acoustic comfort and reverberation patterns of any space whilst also providing a stunning decorative design feature.  

The project benefitted from Nettleton Tribe’s vast knowledge and expertise in designing university accommodation as well as SUPAWOOD’s experience working on a large number of university projects around the country including Macquarie University, Australian National University, University of NSW, Curtin University School of Medicine, University of Technology, Brisbane, University of Southern Queensland, and Western Sydney University. 

Project details

Project:  James Cook University Student Accommodation, Townsville, QLD

Products: SUPASLAT, Supacoustic


  • Bistro: Customised SUPASLAT panels in Hoop Pine Limed Supafinish
  • Central Corridors and Kitchen: Supacoustic Slotted Panels in Tas Oak Supafinish