SUPAWOOD’s SUPASLAT lightweight MAXI BEAM dominates the mall ceilings and food precinct throughout the multimillion dollar redeveloped Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson WA.

The design by Taylor Robinson involved the vast use of assorted profiles to form feature beams on the ceiling and mall bulkheads. The designers overcame excessive weight on the supporting structure and logistical problems by using the MAXI BEAM, a lightweight beam product. Simultaneously with the installation of the MAXI BEAM the problem of noise reverberation was addressed in these vast open areas.

The MAXI BEAM lightweight beams gave the designer the creative freedom to customise the beam profiles and not have to worry about the issue of weight, plus the beams could be supplied with a superior acoustic backing option.

Taylor Robinson created the master plan and design for the several stages of the project. This involved reconfiguring and refurbishing of the existing malls and an extension to increase the Centre’s size by 65%, a total floor space of 35,000 m².

Taylor Robinson had already used SUPAWOOD products including MAXI BEAM in other projects. This gave the designers confidence that SUPAWOOD could meet the program lead time required, have the product customised to exactly their requirements and be assured that the quality finish they wanted for their client would be achieved.

This is the largest project to date where the SUPASLAT MAXI BEAM has been used in shaped profiles. In total 6140 linear metres of beams were supplied.

The beams used throughout are finished in easy to maintain, durable laminated SUPALAMI Limed Poplar and Rustic White finishes. These textured rustic finishes create immense character and life to the whole project. The client’s vision to create a truly exceptional shopping and leisure experience with a strong emphasis on quality, conceptually detailed finishes has been truly achieved.