SUPAWOOD acoustic and slatted lining products feature creatively throughout the common areas of the Dudley Foord House, The Ponds, an Anglicare state-of-the-art retirement village at The Ponds NSW.

Keeping in mind the care and comfort of the elderly residents, the design team needed to ensure noise reverberation was effectively addressed to help achieve a warm and safe homely atmosphere. Part of the design also involved a sweeping expanse of curved ceiling. As well as proven acoustic properties and the ability to easily be curved, they wanted a timber look lining, which was very durable.

Having successfully used SUPAWOOD products in past projects, the design team were confident a choice of suitable products from the SUPAWOOD range would achieve all the required criteria.

The main common area is designed to innovative dementia design principles, so to encourage a feeling of familiarity, the designers have created a row of shopfronts to access a range of recreational, social and health services, each shopfront playfully finished in a different colour.

Above the shopfronts a curved ceiling sweeps up and away to meet an adjacent wall of high windows, which fill the interior with natural light. This ceiling is lined with perforated SUPACOUSTIC acoustic and SUPALINE solid panels finished in non-yellowing SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine. This successfully addressed noise echo in the open space below. Additionally, fully integrated access panels have been used to allow for easy access into the ceiling cavity where needed.

In the chapel/multi-purpose room SUPASLAT panels in SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine concept veneer have been used on the ceiling between bulkheads to break up the vast white ceiling area and add the warmth of timber. Also in the reception area a directional effect has been applied with slats placed across the ceiling and down the wall to lead the visitor towards the desk.

The use of SUPAWOOD products in this project enabled the designers to fulfil the client’s brief and create welcoming community spaces that are totally sympathetic to the needs of the residents and their visiting family and friends.

“I was extremely happy with Supawood on this project; we have now completed several projects together and I have been very happy with Supawood, your staff is very friendly.” Gary Sinclair - Operations Manager, Resicom Joinery Pty Ltd.

Photos courtesy of Anglicare & Gilmore Interior Design