When it comes to packing our products, Supawood understands wooden crates are excellent for protecting your panels from external factor. We make custom wooden boxes based on the size of the panels, as forcing a large product into an undersized box can result in damaging the goods. Similarly, putting smaller items in a crate that’s far too big could also result in some damage occurring, as the items would have too much space to move around in during transit.

Before making the custom wooden box we always make sure to use foam wrap and edge protection foam between the panels to prevent scratches. Then we stretch wrap the product to prevent movement during transportation. Also, the entire wooden crate is stretch wrapped to avoid moisture coming in from around and underneath the pack of panels.

We understand when transporting goods from one port to another and from one truck to another, these crates can incur impact from other cargo that is poorly packed, rough roads, etc. Therefore, it is vital that the crates can withstand severe handling conditions during transit, bracing all items to prevent movement during transportation.

Supawood only uses reputable couriers who can be trusted to deliver on their promises. We also use couriers that will deliver in a timely manner. When it gets to the delivery address, we come prepared for any site restrictions/ conditions. This involves providing HIAB or Tailgate services. After providing the site contact with ETA of the packs, and following delivery tracking ourselves, we always follow up after delivery to confirm the panels have been received on time, and without damage.

By offering these services, tailoring them to the specific conditions of the site and taking into consideration the safety of the pallets on site when we package, we do everything possible to ensure our product arrives and is kept in perfect condition up until installation. We know that a completely seamless and professional service lies not only in the product itself, but also in the way it is delivered, and how it can make the clients’ job easier and stress free.