The Australian National Maritime Museum project was undertaken as a redevelopment of the original museum built more than 25 years ago, as a key attraction in the heart of Sydney's Darling Harbour. The Ben Lexcen Terrace was the part of the museum site that was refurbished featuring the SUPAWOOD product.

Designing stakeholders for the project required a decorative panel solution that was Fire Group 3 rated, curvable, and moisture-resistant to suit the coastal, waterfront location of the project.

The wet-sealed natural timber veneer SUPACOUSTIC panel solved the creative challenges of the design team, with the product delivering the warmth of natural timber tones, while meeting the building requirements in place for the government project.

The sound absorption capabilities of the chosen SUPAWOOD acoustic product transformed the typically noisy eating area into a quieter, more enjoyable environment for patrons to be in.

Project details

Project: The Ben Lexcen Terrace, Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney NSW

Address: 2 Murray Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Products/Finishes: Custom curved SUPACOUSTIC SP4/70 Hoop Pine Natural Timber Veneer, Fire Group 3 rated, moisture-resistant.

Architect/Designer: Ecosystem Architecture

Builder: Aurify Constructions

Installer: Interior Master

Stuctural & MEP Engineers: Meinhardt

Photos: Courtesy of Ecosystem Architecture