The New Life Anglican Church at Oran Park in NSW was a project that required matching timber linings in both solid and acoustic options, which could be curved, fire retardant and applied to both the interior and exterior.

NBRS & Partners Architects were commissioned to design an appropriate people-friendly building, which was inspiring yet sensitive to the surrounding environment, the new building to stand as a spiritual anchor for a rapidly growing community.

SUPAWOOD products were ideal because their range of finishes can be matched from product to product and options added to suit required specific applications.

SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine concept veneer was chosen in various products and options to achieve a flow from the exterior into the very heart of the church.

The exterior is dominated by a sweeping roof, which forms a wave over the main part of the building. This feature overlaps to form eaves at the back and sides and then continues out over a large portico at the main entrance. The soffits of this feature have been lined with 482m² of curved SUPAFINISH on plywood panels, the timber finish complementing the exposed polished concrete, which has been used throughout the main structure.

The exterior timber component is continued on the broad soffit of an adjoining side entrance. This soffit has been lined with SUPACOUSTIC slotted acoustic panels also in Supafinish on plywood to successfully address noise echo in this area.

To create a flow of the exterior elements into the building, the architectural features of the exterior have been mirrored within. The entry and large gathering area is dominated by ceiling features of Hoop Pine slotted acoustic panels, which effectively addresses noise reverberation. On selected walls matching SUPALINE decorative solid panels have been used to define the kitchen and office.

In the nave of the building a ceiling lined with 586m² curved slotted Hoop Pine acoustic panels follows the curve of the roof above, the effect reminiscent of a vaulted nave ceiling of a traditional church. This ceiling appears to float on a high wall of glass through which the exterior soffits give the illusion they are an extension of the interior ceiling.

The wall behind the stage is lined with solid Hoop Pine panels. On either side of the stage the wall is contrasted in white SUPASLAT slatted panels set on a black backing.

On either side of the nave, walls which give the illusion of curved screens partition off other rooms. Over these areas the ceilings are lower than the nave and SUPACOUSTIC white slotted panels with solid infills have been used to address noise reverberation.

All interior panels are fire retardant and are Fire Hazard Properties Group 1 of the BCA.

In this project the SUPAWOOD products not only blend with each other but complement the other strong architectural elements. The whole form combines with function to create a unique spiritual gathering place for the local community. 

Image: The New Life Anglican Church at Oran Park (Photography JadaArt)