Making a real entrance by building something different is exactly the effect Supawood Supaslat MAXI BEAM lightweight beams have achieved in the entrance lobby at 157 Walker Street in North Sydney NSW.

The brief for upgrading this 1970s multi-storey building required carefully considered amendments to the building fabric to bring it into the now and ensure its endurance indefinitely. The designers, Welsh+Major Architects, therefore decided to give the façade and common areas exciting new dynamics.

Their imaginative concept for the new entrance lobby involved using an economical chunky lightweight timber beam product, which could be fabricated into contoured blades and installed in such a way that they appear to be floating across the ceiling. Supaslat MAXI BEAM’s light weight and ability to conceal joints achieved this beautifully.

In refurbishment projects like this, the lightweight nature of the Supaslat MAXI BEAM eliminates any weight restriction issues with the existing overhead structure. The beams are very light and easy to handle so suspending them from the ceiling is relatively simple when using SUPAWOOD’s proprietary fixing system.

At Walker Street the Supaslat MAXI BEAM were supplied pre-finished in standard lengths and then cut and joined onsite. The beams have been cut at different angles to achieve the changes in direction up and down along the ceiling. This created a dramatic geometrical effect.

To further give the look and feel of timber, the designers chose SUPALAMI Light Tasmanian Oak. The choice of this finish ensured a durable, low maintenance woodgrain appearance without breaking the budget.

This is a project which demonstrates the versatility and vast aesthetics of Supaslat MAXI BEAM in turning a small uninteresting space into a dynamic interior.

Image: Photography courtesy of Whitcon Group