Religious statues come in many shapes and sizes, all of them now available from Status Decor .

High quality religious statues are a specialty of Status Decor, manufactured by its artisans from hand-carved marble or granite.

Status Decor is able to custom carve a realistic reproduction of any saint, god, lord, or religious figure that represents the virtues of beliefs.

Cultures catered for are Catholic, Anglican and other Christian based beliefs. Buddhists, Hindus, Islamic and other Asian faiths statue needs can also be satisfied at Status Decor. Status Decor does not claim to be expert or knowledgeable about faith but are interested to assist with statue needs.

Status Decor also can create a custom designed religious shrine specifically for house religious statues and saints to the scale that fits the location of the site.

50 different colours of marble and granite can be selected from. It is also possible to select a combination of colours for the design to enhance the life like appeal. These combinations are expertly joined with the use of high bond resin glues.

For instance clothing, hair colour and pots, animals etc can be distinguished in red, brown or green marble from the white of the body structure.

Lead time for manufacture is from 80 days of placing the order with Status Décor. Status Décor will have your shrine or statue created and shipped to you packaged using injection foam techniques to protect the investment from damage.

Marble and stone statues are suitable for installation in both internal and weather exposed situations and will last long with a little gentle cleaning with non-abrasive soapy water.

Status Decor provides churches and houses of worship an opportunity to be decorated in a timeless and stylish manner without prohibitive costs. Other products of religious adornment can be commissioned.