Status Decor  has released its new artistic letterboxes, which can be made from many materials such as hand-carved marble, wrought iron and cast or color-infused-carved glass to show off your property.

These new designed letterboxes show off the style of your home just at the front gate.

Status Decor creates custom letterboxes and stand alone–pillar letter boxes can add a unique character to the entrance of homes apartment complexes and shops.

Many designs are available such as Australian range of possums, coat of arms, desert pea flowers and more.

Status Decor also offers a custom design service, allowing you to be creative as you like for artistic stone and marble letterboxes.

Many materials are available through Status Decor to create your dream artistic letterbox, such as hand-carved marble, unit or apartment blocks does not have to miss out either.

Letterbox fronts are also available to be installed to concrete block work. Standard sizes are 2 blocks high X 1 block wide, although any custom manufacture can be ordered.

Status Decor can even make them into a big singular block of letterbox fronts, incorporating the apartment name. Light fixtures can be added to illuminate path ways or just for the ambient effect.