The Ultra Spill pallet supplied by Spacepac Industries is designed for heavy loads and simple handling. The Ultra Spill pallet provides drum spill containment, protecting against damaging and costly chemical spills.  

Ultra Spill pallet trays help provide the waste management containment of liquids and chemicals that leak or trickle down the sides of chemical drums.  

Features of Ultra Spill pallet trays

  • Meet SPCC, EPA and Uniform Fire Code Containment Pallet regulations
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Suitable with a broad range of chemicals, including acids and corrosives
  • Transportable by forklift
  • High load capacity
  • Bright, safety yellow side walls  
Specifications of Ultra Spill pallet trays
  • 4 drum model load capacity: 2721kg
  • 2 drum model load capacity: 1360kg
  • Containment capacity: 249L
  • Made from polyethylene