Cable protectors available from Spacepac Industries are designed to provide temporary protection to cables and prevent pedestrian trip hazards.  

The easy-to-install hinged lid cable protectors are made from durable moulded rubber and are recommended for short-term light duty vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  

Capable of withstanding 10-tonne loading per axle, the cable protectors feature a rugged construction and are made from a combination of new and recycled rubber with hinged lids made using tough, yet flexible rubber/plastic composite.  

The cable protectors feature a high visibility safety yellow finish for additional safety.  

Cable protectors are available in 3-channel or 5-channel models and supplied in 1m modules with left or right hand 45º bends. End cap sets allow for flexibility when setting out.  

The hinged lids facilitate ease of use while chunky interlocking connectors allow easy installation without tools.  

Key features: 

  • Robust construction
  • Hinged lids for ease of use
  • Provides safe passage to pedestrians
  • Protects valuable cables and hoses
  • Chunky interlocking connectors
  • Flexible modular design
  • 3-channel or 5-channel option


  • Description: Hinged lid cable protectors
  • Material: Rubber body with rubber/plastic composite hinged lids
  • Length: (Body) 900mm
  • Width: 590mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Channel size: 65mm W x 50mm D (3-channel) and 35mm W x 50mm D (5-channel)
  • Weight: 25.5kg/m (3-channel) and 23kg/m (5-channel)
  • 45º bends: 12kg each
  • Ends: 8kg/pair
  • Load rating: 10T per axle
  • Installation: Interlocking connectors

Cable protectors are also available in a 2-channel model and supplied in 1m interlocking modules.  

2-channel cable protectors are not recommended for forklift or truck traffic. 

Key features of 2-channel cable protectors: 

  • Robust construction
  • Hinged lid for ease of use
  • Provides safe passage to pedestrians
  • Protects valuable cables and hoses


  • Description: Hinged lid cable protector
  • Material: Rubber body with rubber/plastic composite lid
  • Length: 1 metre
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Channel size: 30mm W x 30mm D
  • Weight: 7.25kg/m
  • Installation: Interlocking modules