Available from Spacepac Industries , Strongarm mast cranes are strong, portable, and lightweight, and can be used for a numerous applications.

Strongarm mast cranes are mounted on the back of a Ute or small truck and they can even be set up in a workshop to lift items up to workbenches. Their application is only limited by the imagination.

This range of truck mounted cranes has a lifting capacity ranging from 400kg to 500kg, with a 360 slew. The slew (rotating) gear and worm wheel are heavy duty to allow for 'out of line' effects if dragging loads into place.

Series S4 - 400kg capacity mast cranes are not reliant on hydraulic or battery power to operate, therefore offering unlimited application.

S4 mast crane features include:

  • Loads up to 400kg 
  • 860mm Boom Length 
  • 1,500mm Standard Height 
  • 1,900mm extended height 
  • Hinged removable base 
  • Stabiliser leg 
  • Mechanical slew with worm gear drive for stability on slopes 
  • Auto Safety Brake Winch 
  • Optional additional Base Plate for 2nd vehicle
The diagonal stay adds to the strength of the boom, and by simply raising the stay into the upper notch it is very quick to incline the boom. The mast is fitted to the base plate with two pins; remove the first (locking) pin and the mast can be folded down for easy travel.

Remove the second (pivot) pin to stow the crane away or fit to another vehicle, if that vehicle has been fitted with spare baseplate.

The boom is not extendible on the S4 model, but it can be horizontal or inclined upwards at 15º. It has a diagonal stay for greater stability of the boom and also has a quick lock mast swivel.

Series S5 - 500kg capacity mast crane features include: 

  • Loads up to 500kg 
  • 1.000 mm standard boom length 
  • 1.730 mm extended boom 
  • 1.545 mm standard height 
  • 1.800 mm second position 
  • 2.100 mm extended height 
  • Hinged type removable base 
  • Stabiliser Leg 
  • Mechanical slew with worm gear drive for stability on slopes.
  • Auto Safety Brake Winch