The four wheeled mega bin available from Spacepac Industries is a gigantic refuse or recycling bin that can be easily towed around via its unique universal towing device. These waste bins are currently in used in manufacturing companies, warehouses, building sites, universities, councils and shopping centres.

Manufactured from heavy duty polyester or steel, these Mega Bins have a loading capacity from 660L to 1100L. However, Spacepac advises that load per bin should be no more than 40% of their nominal value. i.e. for 1100L, MGB = 440kg.

Such Mega Bins are complete with a towing devise set and steel centred castors. They can be pulled in a train of a maximum five bins at any one time. This saves the effort of transferring them one at a time. With up to five bins, the turning radius is approximately 3m. Due to safety regulations, the speed of the train should be no faster than 5km/hr, which is approximately walking speed. High speeds can lead to bearing failures.

The towing device set of the Mega Bins includes a 590mm towing pole that can be fitted into the pole receiver by the bottom edge of the bins. The towing pole can be attached to the next bin or to any universal electric towing vehicles. With a carbine swivel with S-hook in steel MGB or a carbine swivel with chain in plastic MGB, the pole can be held vertically in position while stationary.

If you have difficulty dragging your bins along a steep and long driveway, consider the Mega Bin together with the Jumbo Tow Motor (JTM). Also offered by Spacepac, JTM is an electric vehicle that ensures effortless towing. The Jumbo Tow Motor provides a unique, versatile turning radius of only 1310mm. Coupled with its top speed of 8km/h, it makes the jumbo both compact and efficient for daily operations in many environments.