Speedframe is an innovative modular framing system from Spacepac Industries . Available in steel or aluminium, DIY flat packs and requiring no painting or welding, Spacepac Industries provides cut to length service together with designing and installation.

Features of Speedframe System are:

  • Ready to use: All Speedframe components are pre-finished, requiring no welding, no special treating and no waiting for paint to dry. End-caps assure a neat finish
  • Easy to assemble – No special skills are needed and only simple tools. Accessories are designed for easy assembly
  • Cut to size – Spacepac Industries can supply tube cut to length, making each project even easier
  • Strong, rigid construction – One piece metal joints with plastic inserts give strong rigid frameworks. Strong and rigid joints square or round to suit your design
  • Easy to design – No special knowledge or technical drawings are required. A simple sketch is all you need
  • Versatile – Choose any size, height or length. Choice of castors for smooth movement. Screw-in feet for easy leveling. Speedframe takes care of requirements not covered by standard systems
  • Multiple shelving options – Supports for drop shelves. Hook-in shelf supports and cantilever arms for adjustable and display shelving
  • Re-usable, re-locatable – Widely used for exhibitions and mobile displays. Speedframe is ideal for on-site assembly or pre-fabricated components. Soft insert option for re-makable joints
  • Accessories – All accessories required for panelling, glazing, cladding and shelving. Varieties of joints, tubing, inserts, shelf supports to select from
Architects, designers and developers all over Australia are using this diverse capabilities and unique framing system to bring new initiatives into the marketplace.

Current applications are in:

  • Commercial – Large scale projects encompassing entire refurbishments or new developments.Domestic – Apartment kitchens, upmarket domestic kitchens and a range of versatile products
  • Industries – Storage, shelving, worktables, benches and smart display units
  • Lifestyle/ office – Workstations, partitioning systems and office storage solutions
  • Retail – Complete shop fit outs, gondola stands, showcases, display units and point of sale units