Dem Truck trolleys from Spacepac Industries can be used for transferring expensive or delicate equipment in and out of vehicles. Dem Truck trolleys eliminate the risks of back strain, damage to equipment, or the need for multiple staff members when lifting large photocopiers, printers, and other awkward-to-lift items.

Dem Truck trolleys can be collapsed and folded, and are specifically designed to make loading, unloading and transporting equipment easy. Dem Truck trolleys allow one person to do the job of several.

The benefits of Dem Truck trolleys include:

  • Health and safety for the employee - avoiding back strain injury
  • Single person operation – saving duplicate staffing
  • Easy maneuverability and positive braking on both back wheels
  • Height adjustable – suitable for the majority of vans, estate cars and station wagons
  • Two versions – suiting lightweight or heavier weight equipment being moved
  • Three sizes of pallet – choice depending on width of the equipment
Specifications Dem Truck trolleys:
  • Lightweight: loads up to 155kg (341 lb)
  • Standard: loads up to 220kg (485 lb)
  • Pneumatic rear tires