Together with Protectoseal Type I Safety Storage Cans, Spacepac Industries is also offering another class of safety cans - Protectoseal Type II Safety Dispensing Cans.

With rugged design and heavy duty construction equal to Type I Safety Cans, the Type II Dispensing Cans are used for convenient dispensing of flammable liquids into vessels cans or tanks which have a small receiving opening.

Type II cans are commonly identified by their separate fill and dispensing openings. They feature a flexible metal dispensing hose that eliminates the need for a funnel and provides a bonding path to prevent static sparks.

Type II cans have perforated-metal flash arresters at the fill opening and base of pouring spout for complete protection from fire. They're offered in either round or space-saving oval shapes, in Ziacote construction with spring-loaded filler caps, featuring treated leather gaskets.

Most models are available in ‘Flammable Red’, ‘Kerosene Blue’ or ‘Diesel Yellow’ for a variety of liquid dispensing applications.

Both the round and oval safety dispensing cans are able to hold approximately 4L to 19L of flammables. The smaller cans have either a 9mm or 15mm spout, while the larger cans can discharge at a faster rate via a 19mm or 25mm spout.

Transport Cans

Constructed from rugged Ziacote coated steel, the Transport Cans are designed for transporting flammable liquids in vehicles over highways or roads. These durable cans meet D.O.T. and U.N. Reference 49 CFR Part 178 requirements. Special roll bar safety guard protects the valve and filler cap against damage during transport or use and a fusible element in the fill spout is designed to melt and expose vent holes to relieve any internal pressure build-up if temperatures exceed 71 degrees C.

Viscous Liquids Cans

Constructed from rugged Ziacote coated steel, the Viscous Liquids Cans are designed for use with adhesives, rubber cements, paints and other viscous flammables. These round and oval shaped cans have large openings and ‘guillotine’ valve closures to assure adequate flow and clean cut-off of liquid stream.