Spacepac Industries offers a wide range of options in handling flammable liquid and waste.

Oily Waste Cans

Oily Waste Cans provide for safe, temporary disposal of flammable-soaked rags or wiping materials. Oily Waste Cans guard against spontaneous combustion. The series 1400 Oily Waste Cans open to a full 60 degrees with slight pressure on foot treadle. The cover closes automatically when foot is removed. Features ventilating air holes in raised bottom. No. 1456 is round shaped and its cover automatically closes by gravity. Available in ZIACOTE coated steel.

Waste Liquids Disposal Cans

Waste Liquids Disposal Cans provide for safe, convenient disposal of flammable or combustible liquids. The 92mm opening permits use without funnel. Perforated-metal flash arrester prevents ignition of contents. Spring-loaded, self-closing cap minimises evaporation and provides automatic pressure relief.

Waste Liquid Drum Funnels

Large 266mm Ziacote constructed funnels permit safe, rapid filling of 205L (55-gallon) drums with flammable liquid waste. Drum funnels are equipped with fusible-link actuated hinged cover and fit into the 50mm bung opening of an upright 205L (55-gallon) drum. Waste Liquid Drum Funnels are available with or without a self-closing check valve. This self-closing check valve minimises vapour emissions and prevents spillage if the drum is accidentally tipped over.

Both models described above are available with two different arrester types. Choose a funnel with a 203mm perforated-metal flash arrester for low viscosity flammable liquids or 813mm non-sparking brass tube for higher viscosity flammable liquids.

Drain Cans

Extra large, 203mm opening on funnel-type top section provides fast, splash-free receiving when draining flammable or hazardous waste liquids from other containers. Perforated-metal flash arrester protects against ignition of contents. A heavy-duty pail handle provides for carrying ease.

Ziacote drain cans are available in 11L or 19L capacity.