Modular Cartage Tanks

The newly patented modular transport tank system is now available from Spacepac Industries . The fully baffled cartage tank is manufactured exclusively from polyethylene. Therefore, it has no rust problems. This light weight material significantly reduces the weight, resulting in increased payload and durability. Polyethylene is suitable for use with potable water and a large range of chemicals.

Each modular tank has a capacity of 2,200L. You may increase tank size by adding additional modules or decrease tank size by removing modules (down to minimum of 2 modules). The smallest cartage tank is 4,000L while the super size cartage tank can hold as much as 22,000L. Besides this flexibility, the cartage tanks have a proven pin mount system. The product is complete with pins for truck mounting.

On each tank section is a 455mm lid and breather. Each tank section can be drained individually to allow for cartage of different fluids or the tanks can be linked together to allow equalised filling and draining.

The rapid-plus-one-system cartage tanks are designed to allow movement between tank sections. This greatly eliminates stress caused by truck chassis movement, resulting in greater durability. There are no stress fractures.

For easy identification and to prevent mix ups, you can set up your multi fluid tank with separate module colours. Colours available can be translucent like natural, yellow, green, blue, red or opaque like heritage green.

Free Standing Tanks

In addition to these large size cartage tanks, Spacepac Industries also provides smaller free standing tanks with capacity ranging from 20L to 6,800L. These free standing tanks with integral baffle can be fitted onto the back of your truck for easy transport.

These cartage tanks are ideal for rural, domestic, commercial and even irrigation and fire fighting purposes. Farmers and city councils will find these products particularly useful.

All tanks are Australian made for Australian conditions using Australian materials.