Spacepac Industries  offers a wide range of brochure display stands including brochure carousel systems.

Brochure storage carousel systems are designed to enhances business exposure and create a professional appearance.

Brochure carousel systems, such as carousel literature holders, are multipurpose brochure stands that are superior in quality and innovative in design.

Carousel literature holders have the advantage of a space-saving design, while still effectively displaying and exposing the company’s marketing material or products.

With a bigger storage capacity, carousel literature holders can hold much more literature than a standard stand, therefore not limited a user by the amount of material they can put on display.

The modular brochure display carousels from Spacepac are perfect for high traffic areas such as foyers and entrances. Their unique tree-shape brochure carousel systems allow users to showcase their brochures in any direction with easy access to all displayed material.

All brochure display carousels feature sturdy 5-legged bases for added safety and durability.

The company also supplies specially designed carousels featuring fully interchangeable brochure display pockets. The modular nature of these brochure carousel systems allows them to have many combinations.  

Brochure display carousels can also be designed and customised to target unique product requirements. 

Key features of the brochure carousel systems include:

  • Lightweight sturdy construction
  • Stable five-leg bases
  • Mix-and-match holders
  • Fully adjustable spinners
  • Space-saving design ideal for high traffic areas
  • Dimensions of all carousels: 1760mm H x 610mm W
  • Header card holder.