Now in the range of Solid Dynamics height safety engineering solutions, The Keyanka safety eyebolt offers a removable unobtrusive answer to traditional eyebolts for use in more prestigious buildings.

Blending in with most interior designs, the permanently installed anchor socket is concealed by a flush fitting white plastic cover. Equipped with the KEYANKA eyebolt at the end of a lanyard, the operator uses a simple ‘key’ action with a spring locking movement, to provide a fast and safe attachment. The safety bolts 180° of rotational freedom, whilst still attached to the socket, provides the most secure orientation in event of a fall arrest situation.

The safety eyebolt is only removable by five simple, separate but deliberate, sequential movements that minimise the potential for unauthorised or inappropriate use. Both the socket and safety eyebolt are constructed from durable and corrosion resistant grade 316 stainless steel. Certified by independent testing at the National Engineering Laboratory the Keyanka safety eyebolt conforms to CLASS A1 EN 795, BS 7883 & ISO 14567 standards.

Complete with an optional stainless steel or brass cap, The Keyanka safety eyebolt from Solid Dynamics is suitable for a variety of fixing options including but not exclusive to concrete walls, brick walls, steelworks and cavity walls.