Solid Dynamics  offers a range of DIY clothing racks featuring clamps supplied by Tubeclamp.
Fashion retailers can now assemble clothing racks in various design configurations using clamps by Tubeclamp, eliminating the need to chase designers to create unique rack designs. Clamps supplied by Tubeclamp simplify the creation of DIY racks since there is no welding involved. Assembling a clothing rack is as easy as tightening nuts and bolts.
End users such as fashion retailers can now design the shapes and sizes they need in clothing racks including getting the desired length, width and height. This flexibility ensures that the racks can be assembled without errors or hassles.
Clothing display is just one of the many applications of Tubeclamp products. The clamps are also ideal for assembling wine racks, safety handrails and furniture among many indoor and outdoor structures. The products can also be used in scaffoldings as they are certified to Australian Building Regulations.