Solid Dynamics presents The Gondola from Tubeclamp designed for display applications in retail stores.

The clothes gondolas by Tubeclamp can be made to order to customer specifications with customised options available for the shape, overall dimensions and general aesthetics. 

Tubeclamp fittings are widely used for clothes racking, shelf racking and other frames for window design. Using Tubeclamp fittings to build structures such as The Gondola offers ease and versatility in application. Alterations to the final system can easily be done using the screw-on screw-off system of the fittings. 

Tubeclamp fittings are very strong and help to create a solid structure. For example, a shelf measuring 1.5 metres in length can handle 80kg of weight without sagging. 

Solid Dynamics also offers specifier books for interior designers, shop fitters, shop fitting designers and architects.