Solid Dynamics  offers complete solution for safety barrier system. Solid Dynamics supplies Kee Anchor system from Kee Safety, which are reliable and has low maintenance. Kee Anchor systems are easy to assemble without drilling, anchoring or penetrating the roof membrane. Kee Anchor is ideally used on single ply and mineral felt membrane also.

Kee Anchor components are zinc coated for prolonged resistance against corrosion. The grub screws are case hardened with KeeKoat protection. Solid Dynamics offers Kee Safety temporary anchor systems like temporary Anchor bracket and temporary safety lines.

Solid Dynamics offers fixed platform and walkways like aluminium and fibreglass platforms and walkways. Aluminium platforms and walkways are light weighed, made of T6 aluminium alloy and are resistant against rust and slips. Fibreglass platforms and walkways impact and are resistant against fire and slip.

Solid Dynamics offers Kee Klamp a galvanised fitting which are structural slip-on pipe fittings, an innovative product ideal for safety barriers, rails, greenhouses, racks and structural framework. Kee fittings can be installed only with the help of standard hex key without welding, threading, bolting, pop rivets and epoxy structural adhesives.