Swiss inverter manufacturer, SolarMax has announced a new distribution partnership with ReneSola, a leading brand and technology provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) products to distribute SolarMax products in Australia.

An extension of ReneSola’s distribution agreement in North America, the new partnership will allow ReneSola to directly sell SolarMax inverters to its customers in Australia. ReneSola will offer its solar panels together with SolarMax’s P-series and MT-series solar inverters and accessories as a premium package to its residential and commercial customers.

According to Gavin Merchant, Key Account Manager for SolarMax Australia, SolarMax is delighted to extend its distribution partnership agreement with ReneSola from North America to Australia. He is confident the partnership will not only raise the visibility of SolarMax’s Swiss-made solar inverters through ReneSola’s established sales channels, but will also ensure their globally renowned inverters will support the growing demand for high quality solar installations in Australia.

Derek Marsden, General Manager of ReneSola said ReneSola can see significant benefits from a distribution partnership with SolarMax in Australia. The agreement with SolarMax extends the range of solar inverters they can recommend to their residential and commercial clients in Australia.

Designed for roof-mounted solar power systems, the SolarMax P-series inverters have been designed for solar installations of up to 5kW, delivering maximum energy efficiencies of up to 98 percent using a highly efficient HERIC topology.

The SolarMax MT-series inverters are three-phase string inverters offering high levels of reliability and efficiencies, and suitable for solar installations of up to 15kW. The MT-series is optimised to deliver maximum energy efficiencies of up to 97.5 percent.

All SolarMax string inverters come with a five-year standard warranty, extendable up to 25 years. These inverters are fully certified for use in Australia and New Zealand and accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).