The new Solarmax P Series string inverters manufactured by Swiss company Sputnik Engineering has been introduced to the Australian market.

SolarMax P series string inverters are designed for roof mount installation on single family homes and multiple dwellings. Comprising of SolarMax 2000P, 3000P, 4000P, 4600P and 5000P inverters, the P Series is optimised to deliver maximum energy efficiencies of up to 98 percent using a highly efficient HERIC topology, making them an optimum solution for solar installations of up to 5kW.

Derek Durham, Region Manager East & Australia of SolarMax explains that the SolarMax P Series offers a significantly higher energy yield and the dual tracker functionality will cater to the different installation conditions in homes across Australia. SolarMax’s P-Battery upgrade, soon to be made available in Australia, will allow owners to reduce their reliance on the grid by accessing energy stored in their batteries.

Optimised for solar generation

SolarMax’s 4000P, 4600P and 5000P inverters feature two Maximum Power Point (MPP) trackers that can be operated in dual as well as single tracker modes. The dual tracker allows PV installations to maximise yield from rooftops. The P Series enables installers to utilise the entire roof surface area for power generation and achieve maximum yield. Yield losses from partial shading can also be minimised with the use of dual trackers.

Passive cooling = High operational safety

SolarMax P inverters are cooled passively with the heat generated during their operation dissipated vertically by means of natural convection. The absence of external fans increases the reliability of the units and provides the added advantage of lower noise during operation.

Simple connection concept for more clarity

Since the terminal area is integrated into each inverter, installers can save on time and material costs. The large cross-sections in each connection allow installers to bridge the inverters over longer distances with lower power losses.

Performance monitoring over the Internet

Owners can monitor the performance of their PV installation by simply connecting the system to any commercially available internet routers using an Ethernet interface. MaxView, a web and app-based application allows owners to monitor the yields of their PV installation from any location without the need for an additional external data logger. The MaxView app is available for all iOS and Android mobile devices at no additional cost and is compatible with the P Series as well as all future SolarMax string inverters.

Power Factor Adjustment

SolarMax inverters can also be configured using MaxTalk software, which allows the control parameters of the inverters to be manually adjusted, enabling the power factor of the units to be modified in accordance with the requirements now being applied in some locations.

Battery Ready inverters

All SolarMax P series inverters are Battery Ready and may be upgraded at a later stage with the addition of the P-Battery upgrade kit enabling owners to incorporate storage systems without the need to replace the inverter itself.

Export limitation and increased energy efficiency

SolarMax has upgraded its string inverters for self-consumption optimisation with a new I/O module version and device software. The optional feature will allow owners to connect external energy counters using an S0 interface to intelligently control any switchable electrical loads in a household, monitor their energy consumption or reduce exported energy to within the limits increasingly being imposed in some locations.

SolarMax P series string inverters are available immediately through authorised SolarMax distributors and retailers. The standard five-year warranty provided on all SolarMax string inverters can be optionally extended by up to 25 years.

SolarMax string inverters are fully certified for use in Australia and New Zealand and accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).