Solamagic Australia , provide their customers with both indoor and outdoor infrared heating solutions.

As infrared heating specialists Solamagic compare heater technology from a Solamagic Infrared Halogen tube (1400W) with a typical 4000 Watt gas patio heater system to emphasise how the highly efficient and environmentally friendly way in which Solamagic infrared heating technology out performs, especially outdoors.

The Solamagic Infrared Halogen tube is cheaper to operate per hour and more energy efficient as more of the energy consumed is used for direct heat radiation than with a regular 4000 Watt gas heater.

The average gas heater takes approximately five minutes to heat up while the heat produced from a Solamagic infrared tube can be felt as soon as the unit is switched on. This is particularly useful when considering outdoor heating appliances.

Solamagic Infrared Halogen tubes use electricity power socket as a source unlike a gas heater that could be potentially dangerous as it uses gas cylinders which can be heavy and contain hazardous flammable substance.

Solamagic Infrared Halogen tubes can be flexibly mounted to walls, ceilings and structures both indoors and outdoors and the heat produced by infrared tubes is direct and is less likely to be lost. However, the positioning of a regular gas patio heater can be restricted and heat is often lost as it is dispersed.

Finally, the Infrared Halogen tubes from Solamagic are environmentally friendly producing no direct CO2 emissions.

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