Solamagic  offers a range of infrared radiant heaters that can be used for outdoor, indoor and commercial heating applications.

Solamagic’s range of outdoor heaters are ideal for use in outdoor rooms, patios, balconies, verandahs, or any open space.

The outdoor range includes the Solamagic Compact Series, Solamagic Heat Light Combination Series and the Solamagic All in One Series.

Indoor infrared heating options can be used in any room, but are ideal for use in the bathroom, conservatory, sunroom or garage. The indoor range comes with mounting brackets.

Solamagic’s range of commercial heaters are perfect for heating large open areas such as alfresco dining, cafes, relaxation garden areas for hotels and clubs, as well as in industrial applications, such as warehouses, factories and loading areas. They are highly efficient and a cost effective heating solution.

Options for commercial heating include the Sundowner with 2 x 1400W tubes, umbrella mast brackets and structures with 4 x 1400W tubes, and portable mounting options for use in workshops and worksites. 

Commerical heaters can be customised to include advertisement media for products and sponsors.

All heaters use a Solamagic Infrared Halogen tube of 1400W, which costs approximately 20 cents per hour to operate. A whopping 92% of energy consumed is used for direct heat radiation, with warmth felt immediately. The heat is focussed and direct, with the heaters able to be mounted on walls, ceilings and structures, or flexibly positioned indoors or outdoors on a stand.

Key features of the infrared radiant heaters include:

  • instant heat
  • no emissions or pollution
  • quartz envelope for infrared halogen lamps
  • 90% of the energy is transmitted as infrared heat
  • dimmable
  • infrared halogen technology
  • long lifetime
  • same optical properties as light
  • compact design.
There are also many benefits to having an infrared radiant heater in your home or business, including:
  • full emitted power within milliseconds after switch on
  • clean and environmentally friendly
  • heat shock resistant and safe
  • efficient and economical heat source
  • output accurately controllable from 0 to 100% to match your needs
  • no blackening of the bulb and so no depreciation of infrared emission during lifetime
  • low maintenance
  • heat can be focused by reflectors
  • allows design of compact heat sources and systems.