Solahart Industries supplier REC was named ‘Best Company for Sustainability in Solar Energy Solutions Global’ at the IAIR Global Awards held earlier this year in Hong Kong. REC is a supplier of Solahart's 255W solar panels.

Winners of the IAIR Global Awards are selected by a judging panel and over 50,000 readers of the independent magazine and research institute; winning the award is, therefore, testament to REC’s robust commitment to ecologically sustainable products and responsible business conduct worldwide.

The IAIR Global Awards drew around 500 attendees who witnessed top-ranking companies from all over the world win these prestigious awards in recognition of their commitment to green initiatives and eco-products.

According to Øyvind Hasaas, CEO of REC Solar ASA, the global award represents the new standards of sustainability established by REC with its high quality and reliable solar energy solutions. Based on input from around the world, the award is testament to REC’s consistent position as a global leader on eco-issues and good corporate citizenship.

Recognised for its sustainability efforts in both its products and special initiatives, REC is aware of the importance of being an environment-friendly company, and makes conscious efforts to continually reduce energy use and carbon emission in its operational processes. REC’s consistently high scores in the global Carbon Disclosure Project – an organisation that works with shareholders and companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions of major companies – reinforces its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.