Solahart Industries announces the release of their latest range of solar water heaters featuring a new home-grown technology to reduce energy bills.

Solahart’s ground-breaking solar water heating technology is designed to deliver a new gold standard in design, strength and durability, with the solar water heaters utilising the new envelope range of SC and SP flat plate collectors.

Designed and built in Australia, the new patent-pending envelope collectors represent a breakthrough in flat plate technology, and allow for an elegant and unobtrusive slimline design with the required robustness to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Solahart’s GM Sales and Marketing - Renewables, Stephen Cranch explains that consumers making the switch to Solahart will be able to save up to 50-90% of energy on their water heating, depending on their location and choice of system.

According to Mr Cranch, the envelope collectors featuring Solahart’s new flat plate collector technology are a superior alternative to Chinese-made evacuated tubes for reasons such as greater durability and better suitability for Australian climate.

Solahart’s highly efficient SC series is also particularly suitable for colder regions as the products are designed to allow the sun to heat an anti-freeze fluid in the collectors instead of water, preventing problems in freezing conditions.

Solahart’s solar water heaters are backed by a proven track record spanning more than 60 years.