Solahart Industries has moved to reassure Australian home-owners that the Federal Government’s solar hot water rebate is still available under the new Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme despite the home insulation program being put on hold. In the new scheme, home owners replacing an electric hot water system with a solar water heater can now receive a $1,000 Federal Government rebate.

Solahart’s National Manager, Stephen Cranch, said Solahart is pleased the Federal Government is continuing its commitment to assisting home-owners to make
the switch to sustainable energy. “This is a great time to go solar.  Right now the generous Federal Government rebate will provide home-owners with $1,000 back on Solahart hot water
systems when replacing an electric storage water heater.  On top of this over $1,000 is available in Renewable Energy Certificates for the same Solahart
system,” Mr Cranch said.

Solahart solar water heaters can reduce water heating energy use by up to 50-85% by harnessing Australia’s abundant sun. Switching to solar has In addition to rising energy prices and concerns about the environment, the generous Government rebates are another key reason many families are making the switch sooner rather than later. installing Solahart solar water heaters result in long-term, as well as immediate environmental and financial benefits