Smartfix Industries presents Nu-core A2 Fireproof Aluminium, the next generation in prefinished aluminium composite panels (ACP).

The A2 Fireproof Aluminium sets a new benchmark in aluminium composite panel technology with its new fire resistant properties.

ACP is usually manufactured from polyethylene materials, which easily burns when exposed to fire. Even though the B1 ACPs are an improvement on traditional plastic materials used, the core still burns and releases toxic fumes.

The Nu-core A2 aluminium composite panels eliminate the concerns in ACP installation with its fire resistant, non-combustible features and earth friendly materials.

The Nu-core A2 ACPs comply with standards EN13501.1994 (ISO1716), AS1530.1 (ISO1182:2002) and as well as the National Fireproof Building Materials Centre standard GB8624-2006 A2-s1.d0.t0 degree (NO.200910320).

The Nu-core A2 fireproof aluminium composite panels, from Smartfix Industries, meets expectations of strict building codes for facade and sustainability applications. The ACPs can also be used in the hospitality, travel, commercial, industrial, domestic, as well as sporting and signage industries.