Available from Smartfix Industries , Nu-core aluminium composite panels have a 99.5% inorganic core composition that is sandwiched between two sheets of high strength skin in Aluminium (ACP) or Stainless Steel (SCP).

These lightweight aluminium composite panels are rigid and have excellent colour uniformity and outstanding flatness.Nu-core panels are A2 Fire Resistant certified, making them safe and sustainable. They have demonstrated zero fire spread and or droplets when exposed to fire.

These non combustible and non flammable aluminium composite panels are ideal for use as facades, external and internal features and columns as well as signage for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Available in a wide range of colours and anodised, wood grain and granite finishes. Speciality finishes can be provided upon request to specific customer requirements.

Nu-core fire retardant aluminium composite panels are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting with all finishes. They require minimal maintenance and are simple to install using the smartfix fixing system.

Additionally, Nu-core sustainable A2ACP can be supplied as a bundled product with the smartfix fixing system.