Located in a unique, contemporary residence in Middle Park, Melbourne, this distinctive staircase from S &  A Stairs was to be a continuation of the external facade in the interior of the home.

The brief called for stairs to compliment a residence for a couple with university age children that would accommodate their evolving family needs.

Every so often there is an architectural design that embraces the beautifully abstract, while maintaining an inviting and livable space - this residence is one of those designs.

This home is visually spectacular, captivating from the outside in. The central structure that brings it all together is its creatively unique staircase.

With an incredible steel facade, that lingers through the interior with the staircase, this home is edgy and full of intrigue.

A focal point in its own right, the staircase compliments both the exterior and adjoining kitchen. It is a completely unique stair design, as it is very unusual to combine a wall like balustrade made entirely of black steel.

The black steel balustrade with Victorian Ash timber treads allows light to flow through into the living space, while bringing a continuation of the wall colourings from the ground to the first floor.