It’s easy to overlook the aesthetics of functional architectural products such as staircases.

As we all know, a staircase’s primary purpose is to act as a slanted thoroughfare that connects one level to the next, and as such, the aesthetics of these fixtures can often be left as an afterthought during the construction process. This mode of thinking can result in a lost opportunity to create something that can potentially become the centrepiece of a room, especially for dwellings where space is limited

Staircases are often one of the first fixtures we see when we enter a residence, and one that is beautifully crafted and welcoming will leave a lasting impression. Think sleek glass balustrades paired with American Oak boxed treads in an inner city terrace; chunky oak treads paired with primed black steel strings and a toughened glass balustrade in modern family home; or a striking feature screen of stained American Oak slats that envelope modern timber treads in a suburban townhouse – design is limited only by the imagination.

Operating successfully for 95 years, the Australian and family owned Slattery & Acquroff have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke staircases out of a variety of modern materials to suit and enhance any space. Slattery & Acquroff’s Modern Staircase range boasts a myriad of sleek, stylish and welcoming designs that go far beyond serving the functionality of a traditional staircase – these staircases are artworks in their own right.

S & A Stairs' Modern Stair range:

  • The Modern Stair 37 has been designed specifically with a young family in mind. A glass balustrade tucks neatly inside an American Oak handrail, rounding out the tidy architectural design.
  • The Modern Stair 35 is constructed out of 90mm thick American Oak boxed treads which are fixed to steel supports coming out of a wall to create a cantilevered look – ideal for inner-city living.
  • The Modern Stair 34 is a unique staircase that highlights the precision carpentry and design that Slattery & Acquroff is famous for. The staircase comprises a striking timber slat screen that creates a key focal point in any modern home.

Not only are S & A Stairs' modern staircases beautifully designed, they are also constructed with materials of the highest quality to ensure strength and longevity, with options available to suit any budget.S & A Stairs' customisation service also enables the company to create unique stairs and to cater to specifically to individual needs such as design and price.

For more information on how you can add value to your interior offering with the inclusion of a bespoke modern staircase, contact S & A Stairs today.