Located at the quiet end of Bridge Rd, Richmond, The Bridge Hotel is one of Melbourne’s most spectacular pieces of commercial architecture.

The eclectic pub boasts an array of design features, taking inspiration from Melbourne’s laneway and street culture, making it one of the most unique hotels in Melbourne.

Bespoke pieces decorate the interior, which features quirky fixtures and rustic finishes. On the bottom level, your eyes dart around in excitement between the lush circular booths and the alfresco mock laneway each unique and somehow consistent with the whole.

The brief was to create a staircase that would complement the diverse and quirky elements of the remaining interior of the pub and hotel.

A classic style staircase from S & A Stairs  reflects the shell of the building in all its rustic charm, with exposed brick walls and distressed finishes.

The Victorian Ash treads and risers match the surrounding timbers, treated with a dark stain and distressed look. Traditional balusters and newel posts support the structure, adding understated detail and distinction to the flight.

Treads were crafted to a classic design, remaining modern and unique, while the traditional style handrails and balustrades were situated in an area surrounded by light and high windows to accentuate the various styles.

It was all constructed to allow for headroom, considering used bicycles were to be hung from the ceiling as a focal point above the stairs.

The staircase truly adds to the classic, eclectic style of the hotel.