A leading stair maker, S & A Stairs, now offers a good range of pre-manufactured designs that are ready for immediate delivery and installation by specialist stairbuilders.

The Geo Grand is guaranteed to fit ideally in the standard 3m x 2m stairwell footprint.

Every component is made with computer controlled precision and honed to perfection by master craftsman. Prior to delivery, each element is inspected again.

So when you stairs arrive on-site, the quality is flawless and the ease and speed of assembly is never compromised.

The elegant flowing lines of the Geo Grande are designed to create an impact from the moment you enter the front door.

But more than making a striking visual impression, the sweeping curves of this exclusive design take up substantially less floor space.

Success in creating this more compact footprint size has only been made possible by S & A and their 85 years of experience and intimate knowledge of staircase design.

The Geo Grande has been designed to bring building costs plummeting down. Indeed, it delivers economies of scale that will save you many thousands of dollars compared to costs of that can be associated with having geometric staircases custom made.

Available in premium grad Pine and MDF for painting and carpeting, with the option of using select quality Victorian Ash for the treads and handrail, the ready to install Geo Grande comes in traditional styles in a single standard size to fit within a 3m x 2m stairwell space.

Importantly S & A Stairs computer controlled manufacturing process allows the stair height to be adjusted according to your individual requirements; however each design change will require verification by S & A Stairs staff.

Also available in range:

  • The Stair Gallery – Geo Grand MK2.4
  • The Stair Gallery – U Shape
  • The Stair Gallery – L Shape